"FINDING MY ROOTS: Tale of two Carries"

                                    Directed by Carrie Bernans and 35 Miles

Documentary. 16 minutes. Produced in California. Carrie Annie Bernans, named after her grandma Carrie and great-grandma Carrie is on a quest to "find her roots." She takes a trip with her grandma from Memphis, TN to the Mississippi Delta and stops at places in between to learn how her grandma raised 10 children including her mom in one of the poorest counties in the U.S. at that time, discovering common traits, and share the emotional experience with viewers. Analyzing history, tracing the roots between slavery to sharecropping, and occasionally debunking long-held beliefs.  Website.  Facebook




                                  Directed by Alex Torres and Jayden Torres

Drama. 13 minutes.  Produced in Florida. Aimoto, a faithful acolyte, is sworn to vengeance and will do anything to honor the Bushido.   MORE


                            "The Quarantine Bunch"

                                             Directed by Jeff MacIntyre

YouTube. 10 minutes. Produced in California. During the Corona Virus, former child stars move their support group to Zoom.  Website,  Facebook

                 TRAILER - "VooDooSH: Some Heroes"

                                            Directed by  Sergio Mishchenko

Trailer. 1 minute.  Produced in California. Commercial for a Heroes of Might and Magic III streamer.


                                                   Directed by Jake Yun

Animation. 3 minutes. Produced in California. The popular genre of stick figure fighting draws a viewer into this action filled animation of 2 competitors engaged in an epic battle. While being entertained by the fast paced action, however, we also ask the viewer to consider the wisdom of winning at all costs. We hope that this fun short allows us to also consider what happens to conflict that sees no end. MORE


                                       "It Was Them"

                                                Directed by Randy Sage

Drama. 12 minutes. Produced in Hawaii. Based on actual events, this is a film about the success of the field trip program at Kauai Humane Society in Hawaii. Its a story of fate and destiny, filmed in dogs perspective, and offers a unique twist to an old passage that everything happens for a reason. WebsiteFacebook




                                              Directed by Daryn Davidson

You Tube. 4 minutes. Produced in New Jersey. A woman’s wacky everyday life striving for verification.   MORE



                                                  Directed by Joshua J Santiago

Drama. 21 minutes. Produced in Pennsylvania. From living the American Dream, to hitting Rock Bottom, Damon finds himself struggling with addiction. With help from his nephew Joe, who tries to steer him in the right direction, Damon battles his inner demons to get his life back. However, some illnesses are better at hiding in plain sight.  Facebook




                                    Directed by Joshua Bowen and Liam Gainer

Thriller. 4 minutes.  Produced in Florida. When approaching his car in an ominous parking lot, a dark figure emerges from the shadow imitating each move he makes.  MORE


                                        "Everyday Heroes"

                                                      Directed by Forrest Tuff

Public Service Commercial. 2 minutes. Produced in Georgia. Law enforcement officers are everyday heroes and part of our community. Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and our neighbors. They go to work every day with a passion to serve others and to protect us. Website



                                  Directed by Sophie Gonzalez and Dale Metz

8 minutes. Thriller.  Produced in Florida. A young girl arranges to meet a stranger. Things don't go according to plan. MORE



                                 Directed by Fredrick Ewelike and Jessica Swope

3 minutes. Drama. Produced in Texas. A hopeless romantic named Gregory Mitchell spills his heart out about a woman he is infatuated with.  MORE


                      "SERIES PILOT: The Damned Thing"

                                             Directed by B.R.Tatalovic

You Tube. 30 minutes. Produced in Ohio. Inspired by Ambrose Bierce's short story about an entity that attacks human senses, the series follow young Dr. Harker on his quest to unlock the mystery behind uncle Morgan's death.  Facebook




                       "ROAD FRIEND" - (GSC TransHolding)

                                                      Directed by Aleksei Borovikov

Commercial. 2 minutes. Produced in Illinois. A truck driver loses his beloved dog and gets a puppy as a Christmas gift, which becomes his new best friend. MORE


                                                "HELP HER"

                                                        Directed by Serge Rocco

Drama. 10 minutes.  Produced in California. A man's curiosity about his new next door neighbors turns into his worst nightmare.  MORE

"Research, Rescue, Release: Mote's             Mission to Save Animals"

                                                  Directed by Riley Stamper

Documentary. 9 minutes. Produced in Florida. Our oceans and the animals that live within them are in a race to fight against deadly human impacts. Luckily Mote's Marine Animal Rescue Program is here to help these magnificent creatures and tell their stories.  Website


                              "TRAILER - Pandemic Stories"

                                                           Directed by Raphaello

Trailer. 2 minutes. Produced in New York. This is a trailer for Season One of, “Pandemic Stories” is an eight-episode documentary television series that will bring to the screen, pandemic survival and inspirational stories from Americans who live in some of the hardest hit cities impacted by COVID-19.

This documentary lends a voice to those who have yet to be heard, so they can share how they’ve survived, are overcoming, and are ready to thrive. These stories are not about the number of cases, deaths, or vaccines, but about the people, their real challenges during unimaginable circumstances, and how they’ve pivoted, survived and hope to prosper and overcome in 2021.  Website  MORE


                                "MID-LIFE CONVERSATIONS"

                                                            Directed by Maria Filippone

19 minutes. Comedy. Produced in New York. When a wife realizes her husband is living out his dream as a stand up comic, she feels that she has lost her purpose.  MORE



                                       "Homeward Clown"

                                                   Directed by Allison R Power

Stop motion animation. 6 minutes. Produced in Mass.  A lost clown travels across trouble stricken 1930's America to reunite with his circus family.  Website


               "David Isn't Here Anymore"

                                                          Directed by Josh Ceranic

Black Comedy. 14 minutes. Produced in Florida. Driven to sell a notoriously haunted home, a struggling realtor must confront the malevolent forces that prevent him from doing so.  MORE



                                                 Directed by Mitchell Cole

Drama. 21 minutes.  Produced in Florida. Meth has become seemingly impossible to score for Adam, a struggling addict. He must go to great lengths in order to get his next fix in the small town of Altha, Florida.  MORE


                                       "TRAILER: Echo Rhyme"

                                           Directed by Caleb Johnson and Jeff Johnson

3 minutes. Trailer. Produced in Indiana. A man in a crime family finds Salvation after receiving a heart transplant from a good man.  MORE


                            "TRAILER: Winning Wildcats"

                                                         Directed by Forrest Tuff

Trailer. 2 minutes. Produced in Georgia. Winning Wildcats is a story about an all-black female high school basketball team in Georgia that made history by winning three consecutive state basketball championships in the 60's.  MORE   WEBSITE



                                                        Directed by Todd Densmore

15 minutes. Drama. Produced in Virginia. A father with a missing son is conflicted when a strange man arrives at his doorstep, knowing more about the boy than he should.  Facebook



                                              "SOUND OFF"

                                                         Directed by Megan Baer

Documentary. 13 minutes. Produced in Colorado. Many deaf citizens have the ability to speak and hear thanks to developing technology and speech therapy. This film aims to explore different perspectives of deaf citizens who choose this often overlooked approach to living with their disability.  MORE


                                                   Directed by Holly Schroeder

Animation. 4 minutes. Produced in Montana. A solitary UFO lands in a ghost town but tension mounts when a more sinister character arrives on the horizon. Website



                                      "POWER STRUGGLE"

                                         Directed by Wyatt Lasche, Allie Anderson

7 minutes. Fan Film. Produced in South Carolina. Jesse and Troy, two superhero roommates, argue early in the morning over who had the more arduous night of crime-fighting.   MORE

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